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Flight Attendant Disaster Relief (FADR)

Financial crisis will not be considered due to work disruptions caused by labor actions

Relief for flight attendants who have experienced damage to their primary residence from a natural disaster.

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If you are in need of immediate emergency assistance, please contact your local emergency services.

If you have additional questions please email fadr@wingsfoundation.com

An American Airlines mainline flight attendant experiencing damage to their primary residence within the last 90 days, will be required but not limited to provide:

Photos of disaster

Proof of residency

To date, we've provided assistance for:

Superstorm SandyCalifornia WildfiresMexico City earthquakeCamp FireKilauea VolcanoHurricane FlorenceHurricane MichaelHurricane MariaHurricane LauraHurricane ImeldaHurricane DorianHurricane IrmaHurricane HarveyHurricane SallyLNU Lightning Complex Fire (Hennessey)CZU Lightning Fire (Boulder Creek)Texas Uri FreezeHurricane Ian



in disaster relief assistance has been distributed since 2016


Disaster Readiness

Neighbor Contact List

Disaster Tip

Keep important documents, insurance, cash stash, credit card for immediate use


From our colleagues

“I received my flood check and I really can't thank you enough!  It sure did come at a time of need!! A million THANK YOUs to you and Wings!  I have always been a big supporter of Wings, but now I can personally testify to their true compassion at a person's time of need!! Thank you again! I hope I am blessed to meet you someday -- Have a great LIFE!!”

“I was very touched by your caring heart and compassion. You are a beautiful soul. Your loving and encouraging words and kind action gave me hope, strength, and peace. It's so comforting to know that there are people like you out there, willing to listen and help. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your time and kindness. I will forever be grateful to you and to the Flight Attendant Disaster Relief Program, and I will always remember you and what you did.”

I must once again thank Krichelle and all my fellow flight attendants who so graciously volunteer their time to be a part of the Wings Foundation. Though our expenses from the crane incident continue to mount to this day, the financial relief we received from Wings Foundation has helped provide us with the peace of mind that comes from more financial security. But most significantly, we have the peace of mind in knowing that there are those who will care for you in your time of need, and that feeling is unquantifiable.

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