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Flight Attendant Crisis Relief (FACR)

An American Airlines mainline flight attendant on the active American Airlines APFA system seniority list facing financial hardship due to a sudden, unexpected, or crisis situation(s) that may threaten their health and welfare must meet these requirements for consideration:

Examples of Qualifying Events

  • Serious illness or injury
  • Exceptional medical expenses, such as outstanding or overdue health benefits billing.
  • Victim of violent crime
  • Bodily injury as a result from an accident that caused loss of income due to inability to work as an American Airlines flight attendant.
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Death of AA mainline flight attendant or their immediate family member

An applicant may be eligible for assistance if they are financially responsible for funeral, burial, or travel expenses due to the death of an AA mainline flight attendant or immediate family member. Documentation will be need to be provided. Wings FACR defines an eligible immediate family member as any of the following:

  • Spouse or partner in a civil union or domestic partnership
  • Parent
  • Child

Examples of Non-Qualifying Events

  • The crisis was caused by personal financial choices such as attending new hire training, changing flight attendant domiciles, or overextending credit.
  • Wings does not consider insurance deductibles for grants. This includes but not limited to all vehicles, including motorcycles and recreation vehicles (RV).
  • Car rental, ride share expenses.
  • The applicant received a grant from Wings Foundation within the last 24 months.
  • The flight attendant was or has been released or terminated from American Airlines and is no longer active on the APFA system seniority list.
  • Crisis occurred outside of 90 days perimeter.
  • FACR grants are limited to flight attendant applicants only.
  • Family members or friends are ineligible.
  • General Maternity Leave (unless pregnancy causes disability due to medical condition that does not allow the American Airlines mainline flight attendant to work and/or perform duties).

FACR Criteria

  • The request is for a one-time financial grant within a 24-month period. 
  • Flight Attendant can only qualify for one tier of assistance for documented Crisis or Event (FACR, FADR, FAHR) within the last 24-month period.
  • The Crisis causing the emergency was sudden and unexpected and occurred within the last 90 days. 
  • The situation developed and continues through no fault of the applicant
  •  An application must be received within 90 days of Crisis.  
  • Documentation is required for the Crisis, including expense(s) that the applicant would like for Wings to consider.  
  • Applicant is an American Airlines flight attendant on the APFA System Seniority List. 
  • Circumstances threaten health and welfare of applicant and their dependents. 
  • Unable to work due to Crisis or Event for five (5) or more consecutive days. 
  • Applicants must provide a completed application and supporting documentation and acknowledge we reserve the right to request and verify documents. 
  • The Crisis or Event must be unpredictable and unforeseeable and was at no fault of the applicant. (For example, financial crisis due to attending new hire training will not be considered or due to work disruptions caused by labor actions.)  
  • *All submitted documentation will be verified.

*Any falsification on the application or documentation provided will result in a disqualification from future Wings assistance. Wings Foundation Inc, reserves the right to request additional documentation and verify its authenticity by contacting the originator(s) of your submitted documents.

Flight Attendant will provide a completed Flight Attendant Crisis Relief (FACR) application along with supporting documentation outlined on the checklist.

Wings Foundation exists primarily through the generosity of your fellow flight attendants

If you have additional questions, please email FACRgrantquestions@wingsfoundation.com for further assistance.

**Wings Foundation Inc, reserves the right to request additional documentation and verify its authenticity by contacting the originator(s) of your submitted documents.


From our colleagues

I've been a flight attendant for American Airlines for 26 years. In that time I've worked hard and managed my money well. But things happen and I had a botched surgery that devastated me financially! It wasnt until a fellow flight attendant asked if I had looked into Wings for help that I even considered it! I always thought it was for other people! But I became other people and I'm so grateful to this amazing organization for supporting me! I couldn't have survived without them.

C. Carillo

First of all, thank you so much for your help! I had to have a surgery and be out for 8 weeks. I am single and have a mortgage and bills to pay with 1 child in college. Wings Foundation helped me to keep all my payments on time and I did not have to worry about money while I was in bed rest recovering. The process was very easy, but involving a lot of paperwork to make sure the fund is used for legit candidates. I will continue to donate and support Wings Foundation for my American Airlines family!

Y. Sato Schlueter

As I prepare to return to work I would like to take this time and send my sincere appreciation to you for helping in my and my family time of need. I'm so very grateful for the family and friends that helped in assisting me but that was sporadic and based on if they could afford to help but the Wings Foundation was without waver and I'm forever grateful.

I thank God for everyone who puts in hard work and effort to keep the Foundation running. May you all continue to be Blessed.

T. Roberts

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