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Flight Attendant Crisis Relief (FACR)

An American Airlines mainline flight attendant on the active American Airlines APFA system seniority list facing financial hardship due to a sudden, unexpected, or crisis situation(s) that may threaten their health and welfare must meet these requirements for consideration:

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  • This request is for a one-time crisis relief assistance
  • Flight Attendant can only qualify for one tier of assistance for documented Crisis or Event (FAHR, FADR, FACR)
  • The event causing the emergency was sudden and unexpected and occurred within the last 4 months
  • Circumstances threaten health and welfare of applicant and their dependents
  • The situation developed and continues through no fault of the applicant
  • Unable to work due to crisis or event for five (5) or more consecutive days


Flight Attendant will provide a completed Flight Attendant Crisis Relief (FACR) application along with supporting documentation.

Examples of a qualifying crisis:

  • Serious illness or injury
  • Exceptional medical expenses, such as outstanding or overdue Benefits billing
  • Victim of violent crime
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Death of AA mainline flight attendant or their immediate family member
  • Bodily injury as a result of an accident

An applicant or their family member may be eligible for assistance if they are financially responsible for funeral, burial, or travel expenses due to the death of an AA mainline flight attendant or immediate family member. Wings FACR defines an eligible immediate family member as any of the following:

  • Spouse or partner in a civil union or domestic partnership
  • Parent
  • Child

FACR Criteria

  • Application completion within 4 months of Crisis or Event
  • One-time grant request within the last 24 months
  • Able to provide documentation for the Crisis or Event with expense, amount of expense and person responsible for billing
  • *All submitted documentation will be verified

Examples of Supporting Documents

  • Proof of death such as obituary, funeral program, medical examiner report or notes
  • Proof of accident or incident such as police report or insurance claim (this is for bodily (personal self) damage-no vehicle coverage
  • Documentation provided by APFA EAP or American Airlines EAP
  • Outstanding medical bills with explanation of claim due to illness or injury
  • Explanation of circumstances related to hardship
  • *All submitted documentation will be verified
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