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Health Relief Application Step 1: Gather Documents

Application Checklist

This checklist is provided to assist you in filling out your application. Below are the required documents before moving to step 2, the online application.

  • Copies of the last three (3) months of the following payroll documents:

    • Last three (3) months of payroll statements (from applicant and spouse)
    • Checks issued history (full page - all checks issued to flight attendant. Do not provide if furloughed)
  • Medical documentation.

  • Copy of page one (1) and two (2) of your previous year 1040 Federal Tax return - Social Security Number redacted.

  • Copies of your last three (3) checking and savings statements (front and back of all copies).

  • All proof of payments of medical out-of-pocket expenses and/or co-payments.

  • Copies of your last three (3) months from the following: MetLife disability, AFLAC, unemployment benefits, furlough pay statements, workman’s compensation, pensions, additional employment paychecks, annuity payments.

  • A copy of your last monthly schedule/line block (HI-1).

  • Copies of your last three (3) months long term/short term disability and/or Social Security disability statement.

  • Copies of current loan statements (auto loans, credit union loans, mortgage information/rental agreement).

  • Copy of your HISK and HISK/L.

  • Copy of HI-10 (only if you are on an extended leave of absence).

  • Additional information may be requested by Wings Foundation. Wings reserves the right to verify your documents by contacting the originator(s) of your documents (leases, rental agreements, etc).

  • Complete and sign application. Missing information and/or documents will delay the application process.

  • **All submitted Documentation will be verified.

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