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FAQ: Health Relief Guidelines

To be considered for financial assistance, an American Airlines mainline flight attendant facing an illness, injury, or disability that causes a critical need for financial assistance must meet these requirements:

  • Active on the American Airlines APFA system seniority list
  • Five (5) hours of sick time available or less
  • Presently on the sick/absence list or projected to be removed from service a minimum of forty-five (45) days with substantiated medical documentation
  • Hold less than two (2) months of usable income to cover household expenses
  • Provide a completed Flight Attendant Health Relief application along with supporting documentation outlined in the checklist

A flight attendant can apply for assistance after returning from sick leave provided their application is received within thirty (30) days from the date they were cleared for flight status. The flight attendant must meet all criteria to be considered for assistance. If approved, they will receive one (1) month of assistance.

The mission of Wings Foundation is to assist flight attendants who are on the current American Airlines APFA system seniority list. Wings may assist flight attendants who are the legal guardians of, and caring for, a seriously ill dependent. In this situation the flight attendant must be removed from service forty-five (45) days or more and have used all paid Family Medical Leave.

Wings Foundation provides assistance to flight attendants on the APFA system seniority list, who meet all of our requirements and guidelines for financial assistance due to a critical illness, injury or disability. This does include flight attendants on the involuntary furlough list or extended voluntary leave.

Applications are accepted either online on our website www.wingsfoundation.com

Since Wings Foundation is comprised solely of volunteers, the application qualification process may commence over a ten (10) day period.

All applicants' information is held in strict confidence and will not be shared with third parties, including members of American Airlines management.

Wings caseworkers have received extensive training and have signed a Wings Confidentiality Agreement.

Grants received from Wings Foundation are not considered earned income and are generally not required to be reported to the IRS. However, we do advise Wings recipients to consult with their accountant or tax attorney for further guidance.

A recipient does not have any obligation to reimburse Wings Foundation.

We do request recipients “pay it forward” by reminding our peers that Wings Foundation only exists through the generosity of fellow flight attendants who contribute funds through monthly payroll deduction donations, Donate Now (on the Wings website), memorial donations and recycling aluminum cans onboard American Airlines flights.

A Wings grant is based on necessary living expenses listed on page three of the application.

As a reminder, financial assistance received from Wings Foundation is a gift made possible primarily through the generosity of your fellow American Airlines flight attendants, and is intended to pay for medical insurance and allowable living expenses. Any misuse of these funds may result in the suspension or termination of assistance.

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